archives: 2000-2006


Summers at Noyes Camp in Connecticut inspired the encaustic paintings here - spots of sunlight on the path, music wafting through the trees, saplings peeking through the dense woods, and the spirits of women dancing. This energy spot in the woods has a timeless quality.

My experience in the Carrara Rainforest of Costa Rica moved me to work with my memories for two years. I was obsessed with the verticality and darkness in the rainforest, the girth of the trees, the vines and lines. I transferred photos onto paper, drew, painted, and collaged the imagery. Deep quiet, but you could hear the sound of eternity there.


in this gallery you can see paintings and collages inspired by the biblical Song of Songs, and paintings related to my life in music, past and present. I was lucky to have violin lessons in grade school and to learn to read music. I loved every aspect of it: the way the notes looked on the page,  the way my teacher played with a full heart, and the sound of the orchestra around my head. I married a musician and my present life is filled with music. I cannot imagine a life without poetry, music, and the visual arts.

Angels and Messengers

Sometime around 2000 I was invited to show at a local museum in an upcoming exhibit based on the Old Testament. Rather than work with that text, I chose to read some folktales written around the same time. I read about angels and messengers, the birth of Abraham, and thought about my own angels and messengers. I opened myself up to what came into the work from "above". Much of the work has a numinous and magical quality.