It's the season of artists holiday open studio sales. I am thinking about this, my enthusiasm and my hesitation. I think the latter stems from an old not particularly useful belief that genuine art making has nothing to do with art "marketing." Nevertheless, my enthusiasm appears to be constant.

The truth is that my work belongs in other people's hearts, homes, and minds. I understand that now - that we artists don't create just for ourselves, but whether we know it or not, we create to communicate with other human beings. In my case, for the last 15 years my art has grown from a deep response to the natural world - from rainforests, country landscape, oceans, seashells, and sandscapes, to the flora in my own neighborhood. I take in things with my eyes and with an indescribable sense of reverence.

I have heard and read that what keeps a painter going, and going, is the desire to reach something unreachable. I think that is true in my case. I can see bits of what the artist in me is wanting, but only bits. And now, with nature as my inspiration, I am never able to reach what brings me that sense of awe and reverence. God, the universe, the ineffable, whatever it is called, remains inexpressible.

Below are a few images of my recent work, and some of the flora that have inspired me. Thank you for reading, and please join me at:


an art exhibit, small works shop + open studio weekend

DECEMBER 9, 12-3pm, + December 10, 2-5pm

At Marilyn Banner Studio: 7502 Flower Avenue (Rear), Takoma Park, MD.