Open Studio Reflections

My Open Studio and Small Works Sale was a huge success!! The sales, framing and business wrap-up is finally complete. Such an intense time there in December, with the big event on Saturday afternoon, a house concert here on Saturday night, day 2 of the Open Studio on Sunday, and then off to New York City two days later. Intensity was the name of the game that month! On the way back from New York I realized that my studio had not been touched since the weekend before; all was still in place. And voila! a great idea: I sent out a late night reminder to my closest neighbors, just in case they had forgotten how easy would be to come by the very next day, Sunday.

It all worked beautifully. Three Open Studio days across two weekends allowed people plenty of flexibility. Many friends and neighbors came, despite the cold weather. People I hadn't seen in years drove from as far as Baltimore. We had long three person conversations, often between people who didn't know each other, about how we see the world, personal vision, the deeper sources of art, religion and spirituality.

Since then we have been to Hawaii, to NYC three times, and finally I am back in the studio. Below are some of the images of work sold (two small ones, and two 18"x18") ) during the Open Studio, and a few of my happy collectors.